Protect Your Trees From the Coming Storm in Spring Hill & Hudson, FL

Keep up with your tree trimming with help from Mikey's Tree Services, LLC

For your trees to stay healthy and thriving, they need to be trimmed regularly. Choose Mikey's Tree Services, LLC for your tree trimming needs in Spring Hill & Hudson, FL. All our services meet ISA certifications for safe, healthy trees. Raise the canopy on a large tree or cut back a tree that's encroaching on your home. Whether you need residential or commercial services, we've got you covered.

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Directional pruning for your safety

Trees can create a serious threat when they touch power lines. Directional tree pruning is one of the best ways to prevent your trees from interfering with electrical and other utility lines. This involves pruning only the sections of your trees that will grow toward the electrical wires.

Directional tree pruning can help...

  • Avoid damage to power lines.
  • Prevent electrical fires.
  • Keep your trees healthy.

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