We offer stump grinding & root pruning services in Spring Hill & Hudson, FL

Get to the Root of the Problem

Are you tired of the drooping, sad-looking oak in your front yard? Have you had it with the palm tree knocking against the roof of your business in Spring Hill or Hudson, FL? Mikey's Tree Services, LLC goes beyond just cutting down the tree. We'll go below the ground to do stump grinding and root pruning. We'll make it look like the tree was never there. We use special equipment to grind down the stump, pull out the roots and remove the tree from your property.

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We've got a stump to grind

Just chopping down your tree doesn't cut it. Stump grinding and root pruning are important steps to make sure your problem trees don't grow back.

Our team will...

  • Bring in professional stump grinding and hauling equipment.
  • Grind the stump into wood chips to remove it.
  • Prune the roots so the tree won't continue to grow.
  • Haul away the wood chips or pile them up for you to use as mulch.

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